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Jess/14/any pronouns/gay
FNAF, Anime, Gore, warriors


Dont U Wanna
On mature for implications of non-con themes

my OC's Jen (purple and black) and Maxine (brown and green)

Maxine really likes Jen, to the point that it's obsessive, even though Jen has a boyf. 
oh yeah, just to clarify they're both dudes
Free adoptables (edit: all taken) by ravensarekewl
Free adoptables (edit: all taken)
These are literally free message me if you want one lmao i don't really care if nobody takes any i was just bored yknow

!!all taken sorry!!

Shit I've done - The ones that are bolded means that i've done it
Take to mind that I'm too young to own a drivers license or drink legally, so some of these are impossible.
Based off of a tumblr post, but since I couldn't find the source I changed things around and changed some questions. 

Drank alcohol. 
Smoked Shisha.
Tried drugs.
Would try drugs if someone suggested it.                                                                                    
Made out w/ someone of the same sex 
Fucked somebody  
Had someone in my room other than family.  
Been on medication
Taken painkillers.
Taken painkillers without needing them.                                                                                            
Taken someone's meds. 
Lied to your parents. 
Lied to friend(s).
Snuck out of the house.
Done something illegal.
Hurt somebody accidentally.
Hurt somebody on purpose.
Wished someone to die.
Been in an accident.
Seen someone die.
Felt hurt by family.
Felt hurt by friends.
Felt hurt by someone.
Seen someone get hurt mentally/physically (bulling) but said/did nothing.
Seen someone fall down and said/did nothing.
Been mean to someone for no reason.
Stayed out all night.
Stayed awake all night.
Eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself.
Binge eaten.
Thrown up purposefully after eating.
Starved self.
Seen a therapist.
Gone to rehab.
Dyed hair.
Got a ticket.
Been to a club.
Been to a bar
Been to a wild party.
Drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night.
Been tipsy.
Been drunk.
Sniffed anything to try it
Sniffed anything to get high/buzzed
Stolen something.
Been too drunk to remember anything that happened.
Blacked out.
Had a crush on a friend.
Been to a concert.
Skipped a lesson.
Skipped a few lessons.
Skipped a whole school day.
Caught something on fire accidentally.
Caught something on fire on purpose
Lied about my age.
Been in surgery/ had surgery.
Had an injury.
Been treated in hospital for an injury.
Been in hospital for something other than an injury.
Been in trouble with the police.
Talked with/to a stranger.
Hugged a stranger.
Made out w/ a stranger.
Rode in a car with a stranger.
Been harassed.
Been verbally harassed.
Been physically harassed
Met with someone you met online face to face.
Stayed online for 5+ hours straight.
Talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight.
Watched TV for 5 hours straight.
Been to a fair.
Been called a bad influence.
Drank and driven.
Prank-called someone.
Laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex.
Cheated on a test.
Can easily say no to bad things (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
Can not easily say no to bad things (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
Says no to bad things because I don't want to do them.
Says yes to bad things because I want to do them.
Done something out of pressure.
Pressured somebody to do something.
Brought alcohol/cigarettes/drugs into school.
Drank in school.
Got other people to drink in school.
Been caught smoking.
Never been caught smoking.

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