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Kylie kitty by ravensarekewl
Kylie kitty
My character Kylie as a cat.. thing

I kinda figure this'd be his animal form if he had one, mostly due to his most prominent personality traits (wily, sly and cruel)

Character and art is mine
Ritini and K by ravensarekewl
Ritini and K
K is the darker coloured one

No idea what their species are, but I've had Ritini for a while so I decided to give him a sidekick of sorts
Redtail's Death by ravensarekewl
Redtail's Death
Character from WARRIORS

I dunno, I kinda feel like Redtail's really under-rated and deserves more recognition Shrug 

I don't own the character, only the art
Floating cat yes by ravensarekewl
Floating cat yes
third eye Kinda inspired by Welcome to Nightvale
Dave's POV
Dave inhaled, tilting his head back and breathing out as the sweet, cloying scent of freshly spilled blood flooded his senses. His eyes widened and he shuddered, breathing in again to pinpoint the source. He turned to his right and stopped, before gliding forwards across the grass. The scent gradually got stronger as he got closer, weaving between trees and ducking under overhanging branches until he reached the edge of the woods, where the rolling fields of the town's cemetary began. Jumping the fence easilly, he stopped himself a a couple hundred feet away from the source of the smell and crouched, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he contemplated his next move. A girl was slumped beneath the tree, face pale with cold and her wrists bound behind the tree. An overlapping fear scent was just prominent under the blood scent coming from the girl, one that he would not noticed had he not been so cautious. Squinting, he could just make out the shape of a body in the tree directly above the girl, well hidden by leaves. Guessing where the fear scent was coming from, he got to his feet and strolled nonchalantly towards the bait.

He heard the person in the tree's breath hitch as he crouched beside the girl and lifted her chin up, watching the way her pulse moved very slightly beneath the flesh of her neck. Trailing quick fingers along the line of her jugular to check where it was, he snapped his head forwards and with a deft twist of his head tore out her throat, clasping the sides of her face to keep her upright as he latched on and drank. Once his thirst was satisfied, he let her body drop motionlessly and shook his head to scatter any stray drops of blood. The fear scent above increased, and he looked up to lock eyes with the person above with a wide, bloodied grin.

Karkat's POV
It was staring at him with narrowed eyes and a crooked grin, satisfied in the fact that it'd managed to secure a seat on one of the branches that prevented Karkat from escaping. He was trembling violently, still clutching the knife like a vice in his hand, unable to tear his eyes away. Every few seconds it would edge closer and then breath out, letting the sickly sweet scent of blood wash over him in an act of intimidation.
“What do you want?” His voice came out in a hoarse whisper, catching and dragging in his throat.
The creature looked startled for a moment, before an incredelous expression flitted across its face and it raised its eyebrows.
“What do I want?” It repeated, “I'm not the one that decided to sit in a tree with an unconcious girl tied to the trunk.”
A hot flush of shame washed over Karkat and he leant back.
“I just.... I just wanted to see-”
The creature thrust its head forwards with a toothy grin, “wanted to see what? How we feed? What it looks like when a girl gets her throat torn out?” It looked down at the ground, “you used waaay too many narcotics, by the way. She was in a coma.”
“I know... I didn't mean to-”
Karkat trailed off as he realized the creature was staring up at the horizon. The inky darkness of the sky was slowly becoming brighter as colour streaked across the sky.
“Gotta go,” it murmured, before turning to lean in and draw its tongue along Karkats cheek, “See ya around, Karkat.”
Karkat opened his eyes, having closed them after he saw those fangs coming towards them and seeing that the vampire had gone.
“How do you know my name?” He muttered to the empty space.
DaveKat part 2
Alright the second part is up, sorry it's so short :D
So my phone absolutely refuses to take pictres, stubborn motherfucker
And I can't upload drawings, aside from stuff one on paint
so until it's working again you're gonna be bombarded with shitty paint stuff
just a heads up


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