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Karkat viciously whipped the curtain back into place and scrambled backwards, heart drumming in his chest. He let a shaky breath pass his lips, fingers coming up to tangle in his black curls. Had he imagined it? Slowly, carefully, he took a step towards the window and reached out an arm, grasping towards empty space.
Something brushed against his legs and he let out a strangled scream as they were pulled from underneath him.

He fell hard on something soft, and kicked out behind him, but his legs were being held down with tremendous force. Sharply, something pulled his head back by the hair, exposing his neck as cool fingers ran down the line of his jugular.
“Rude of you to ignore me like that,” freezing breath fanned across his face and he tensed in horror as lips brushed against his neck, “thought I might as well go ahead and be rude myself.”

Karkat woke with a start, sitting bolt upright and clutching his chest as he took deep, steady breaths.
Jolteon by ravensarekewl
Quick sketch of one of my favourite eevee evolutions 
Something was tapping at his window.
A clinking, rhythmatic sound that effectively cut through the usual noises of the house and made his heart rate pick up a considerable amount. Karkat opened his eyes to his darkened room, gaze darting over the eerie shadows over his walls before bringing up the flat of his palm to rub at his eyelids. He groaned and sat up, stifling a yawn with with the crook of his elbow. Silently, he swung his legs over the edge of his bed and padded wearily to the window. This had happened a few times before, whenever the tree outside his window went through a growth spurt. The especially long branches would tap against his window in the wind, a problem that was easilly solved by snapping off the ends of the branches. Stopping at the window, he peeled back the curtain and pressed his face against the glass, looking for the offending branch. The slow feeling of dread numbed his body as he saw, with great apprehension, that none of the branches were long enough to even brush against his window. An even greater feeling of dread turned his stomach to knots as a silky, drawling voice spoke up behind the glass barrier.
“Gonna invite me in, sweetheart?”
Davekat PART 3
GAHH I'm sorry this is so short and so late!
I couldn't really think of the next step in the plot and everytime I tried to start writing it just seemed kinda shit soo

I'll update sooner than last time c:
So my phone absolutely refuses to take pictres, stubborn motherfucker
And I can't upload drawings, aside from stuff one on paint
so until it's working again you're gonna be bombarded with shitty paint stuff
just a heads up


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