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The moon hung heavy in the sky, casting its dim glow over the world beneath. Darkness folded in a blanket around the cemetary, looping between trees and cascading over the rounded ridges of grave stones. Trees stood around alone or in clusters, branches weighed down by thick bunches of leaves. To the right of the clearing four trees stood in a kind of ragged circle, branches hidden behind a clump of leaves. Hidden in the tallest tree was a boy, face hidden by his hood. Karkat was sitting with his knees tucked up to his chest with one arm wrapped around the trees trunk, breathing so soft it was almost inaudible and his round, wide eyes scanning the ground below for any sign of movement. The fingers of his other hand tapped silently against the knife strapped to his belt, tugging absently at the strings of its sheath. He was shivering despite his thick clothing, and could feel a cramp begin to work its way into his legs. Shuddering as a sudden gust of wind swept his curls forwards and thus carried his scent onwards, he glanced towards the ground with a worried tug at his bottom lip with his sharp teeth. Below the layers of branches and leaves, he could just make out the hunched body of the girl below. She wasn't awake yet. Her head had slumped forwards so that her bronze curls fell into her face, and he could just make out the way she shivered and twitched in her sleep. She'd been blacked out for a few hours more than she was meant to, and he was starting to worry that the narcotics he'd used had put her in a more pernament state than he'd oringinally intended. Worry twisted in his gut as the wind blew away from him again, anxious that it would carry his scent towards the creature he was hunting. He knew the girls blood would overlap his, but he couldn't help glancing behind him every few seconds, paranoid that at any moment he'd be tackled from behind. He was considering moving to a different location when he saw it.

He tensed and shrank away, feeling his back press up against the tree trunk. He caught his breath and slowly slid his knife from it's sheath, holding it to his chest. The creature had reached the girl at the base of the tree and was stood with his head cocked, watching the broken rise and fall of her chest. It looked human enough, but he'd seen first hand just what kind of monsters they could be. It slowly crouched down and tilted the girls head up with deft fingers, exposing her neck. In a shudden movement it darted forwards and latched onto the flesh just below her chin. Karkat shuddered as it bit down, moving its hands to the sides of her heead to keep her upright as she jerked and groaned. Her eyes fluttered, like she was trying to wake, but after only a few moments she went limp. With a small jerk of it's head the creature had freed it's fangs from her throat, shaking its head to scatter the drops of blood trailing down its chin, splattering tiny red flowers over the leaves below. It dropped her, wiping its hands on its jeans, and then looked up, right into Karkats eyes, with a wide grin, before starting to climb.

Karkat jolted, before scrambling further up the trunk. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, no longer trying to still his breathing as it came out in gasping breaths. He kicked his legs as  he caught a flash of colour below, tugging and pulling at the branches above with desperation. He could hear it coming up behind him, and felt its freezing breath on his ankles as he wrenched himself onto the higher, skinnier branches of the tree. Wheezing, he grabbed at a branch above his head, ready to pull himself up, when it gave a tremendous crack. With a scream he fell backwards, only just managing to catch the branch he'd been stood on moments prior. Squeezing his eyes shut, he blindly kicked out as he tried to pull himself up, still clutching the knife awkwardly in his hand. He didn't know how long he hung there in the dark, but it wasn't long before he drew the courage to open his eyes and glance down. Nothing. Scared, he looked all around but saw only the blurred shape of the tree's boughs through his panic stricken tears. Shaking, he slowly managed to pull himself up onto the branch, where he sat with his knife held out, huddled within his hoodie pathetically. There was no sound except for his own ragged breathing and the gentle sway of the leaves in the breeze. His heart slowly slowed to a more normal, if not jumpy, pace. He was just about to tell himself that it was safe when fingers curled around the narrow end of the branch he was perched on.

Dressed in a white shirt and red jacket, hood thrown back to reveal blond, almost white hair and a freckled face, it could have been human. But when its narrow red eyes flashed and it curled its lips up into a grin, there was no mistaking it for human.
Davekat Vampire fic rewritten
Okay so I re-wrote this because someone wanted it done :3
I'll try to update at fairly regular intervals, unlikeallmyotherfics Britney Spears Oh oh 

Also I don't have spell check on the program I used and I didn't proofread, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes
Kylie and Markus by ravensarekewl
Kylie and Markus
My two main OCs Kylie (left) and Markus (right)

More info on them later
Ivypool by ravensarekewl
I'm not really sure if I like this but eh
I imagine this is her as a kit or apprentice -- I imagine she's more lean and wiry as a warrior
So my phone absolutely refuses to take pictres, stubborn motherfucker
And I can't upload drawings, aside from stuff one on paint
so until it's working again you're gonna be bombarded with shitty paint stuff
just a heads up


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